Product Description Writing Tips

Product description writing can seem daunting. It requires accurate representation of what the product is, what it does, and any features or attributes. This is the most important information for consumers, who want to know what the product can do for them and the value they can expect. Below are some helpful hints for writing accurate descriptions of products.

– Use plain language

The easier the descriptions are to read, the more likely consumers will be interested in the products. Using plain languages enables the content to be read by a wide range of consumers with from different backgrounds. At the same time, products aimed toward specific uses or professionals should include the correct terminology, when possible. For example, a battery operated product should be described in terms of volts, when describing the battery.

– Use shorter sentences

Shorter sentences make the text easier to read. Consumers don’t want to be confused and don’t want to read content again, to understand what is being said. Shorter sentences break up text into separate, succinct ideas and can help separate features.
– Avoid making false claims

It’s never a good idea to make claims about a product that can’t be proven. This can lead to dissatisfaction and is also unethical. Sometimes a writer can become excited about a product, which can lead to exaggeration or overstating the benefits. This can be avoided by reading over what is written and asking if each statement is true.

– Use precise measures

If the product description requires measurements, try to use the precise measures, rather than estimates. Weight affects shipping charges in many instances. Size and shape are also important for some consumers. Consumers may want to know if the product can fit in a particular space and may want to know what shipping will cost in advance.
– Keep descriptions short

Consumers don’t want to read long descriptions of products. They are likely to use descriptions for product comparison, so long descriptions will make the process more difficult and time consuming.

Product description writing is a simple process, if you keep these helpful tips in mind and aim to provide brief, yet accurate overviews.