A Few Key Tips to Finding the Finest Financial Advisor


The dollar is too unstable and the economy too self-destructive for people to hide their cash under a mattress and hope for the best. Even taking this one step further, such as hiding gold under a mattress, is not really practical or logical enough to justify its commitment. Who buys gold at the grocery store? That is probably not part of Target policy.

So working with a financial advisor becomes the next best step, and it is a wise one. A financial planner can facilitate financial freedom and growth and steer the boat towards more success. Below are a few things to lay out before signing a wealth management professional on for the long term.

Determine the Type of Investor Desired

Just as people have personalities when it comes to their money, so do financial planners. Sure, a financial planner really seeks to feel out the client and take the best approach that fits their personality. But it is also smart for the individual to know this ahead of time. What archetype is the greatest resemblance?

  • Risky big-mover- roll the die and hope for the best
  • Safe and passive- looking for very long term investments for future generations
  • Practical but gutsy with enough facts and suggestions

There are more than this, but this provides an insightful overview. Establish the who before finding who to work with.

The Trusted Circle

Many people ask around in their own family and friends to confer on what the best option to take. But it may be wise to work with a different source. Talk to someone that may be an acquaintance. They have no ulterior motive but they are not close enough to make rash suggestions about personality or goals. A mother may say ‘don’t do that with your money!’ But a friendly banker or teacher may say, ‘stay away from gold or silver.’ Find a source that is trusted but not so close.

Just about everyone with a modicum of money in their grasp would do well to find a financial advisor. But just as there are many ways to approach saving, there are many ways to approach financial growing.